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Análisis de agua

Water Analysis

Physic-chemical and bacteriological analysis of water sources used for human consumption (or drinking water) and intended for recreational use.
Análisis de orina

Urine Test

Urinalysis, Complete with Microscopic Examination.
Análisis de sangre

Blood Tests

For different specialties
Recién nacidos


Analysis to detect metabolic inborn errors.
Exámenes pre-natales

Pre-birth Tests

Hemogram, serology, infection by ST B, oral tolerance glucose test.
Salud de la mujer

Women’s Health

Fertility (reproductive hormones and serological studies), bone metabolism, HPV test.

OTHER TESTSTesting Services



Hematology involves the study of the blood, in particular how blood can affect overall health or disease.
Química Clínica

Clinical Chemistry

Routine Labwork: includes blood draws and urine collection to provide information about your health status.


Serologic tests are blood tests that look for antibodies in your blood.


Immunology provides testing and advice to support the diagnosis, investigation and monitoring of allergic disease, autoimmune/connective tissue diseases, immunodeficiency’s diseases.


Tests performed to treat a range of endocrine disorders and dysfunctions.

FAQPrior to visiting us, you may want to ask some questions:

  • ¿Cuántas horas de ayuno son necesarias?
    Son necesarias 8 hs. de ayuno en el caso que su orden incluya glucosa e insulina y 2 hs. de ayuno para el resto de las prácticas
  • Can I drink water right before the collection?
    Si, en caso de necesidad podrá ingerir un vaso de agua.
  • Can I drink bitter mate?
    No, you must fast to ensure the safety of the results obtained. Tea, coffee and mate have alkaloids that stimulate the nervous system and trigger changes in the values of the lab tests.
  • Can I chew gum?
    Yes, but it cannot have sugar.
  • Can I smoke before the collection?
    No, because it can affect the results (for example, the white blood cell count and the determination of some hormones).
  • Do I need to fast for 12 hours?
    Sólo en caso de indicación médica.
  • Can I exercise or play sport before the blood collection?
    No, because it can affect the results (for example, the white blood cell count, catecholamines, blood sugar or cortisol).
  • Can I take the medication the night before the sample collection?
  • Can I take the medication before the sample collection?
    Preferably not, unless it is an antibiotic that must be adjusted at its schedule.
  • After the sample collection, should I wait before taking the medication?
    No, you can take it immediately after the blood drawing.
  • Which is the best day over the course of the menstrual cycle for testing FSH, LH, Estradiol or/and Prolactin?
    The test should be made between days 3 to 5 of the menstrual cycle. If the physician requests also PROGESTERONE, you will get tested between days 20 to 22 of the menstrual cycle. For the complete profile, you will have two blood drawn throughout the month. If the request is not clarified, we will suggest the next appointment during your first visit at the laboratory.
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Does this test determine if I have diabetes?
    This is one of the criteria used for diabetes diagnosis.
  • Can I go to the car or to my house during the 2 hours before the second blood collection?
    You should remain seated throughout the test.
  • After this, can I eat everything?
    Yes, you should be active and eat a regular diet.
Mantoux Screening Test (PPD)
  • Can I take a shower after the injection?
    Yes, but you should not rub the application area.
  • Should it be covered?
    No, just be sure not to scratch or rub the area.
  • Can I experience any symptom after the injection?
    No, the reaction will be local, under the skin, Induration is the key item to detect, not redness or bruising. The test must be read 48-72 hours after the injection when the size of the induration is maximal.
Specimen Collection

It is important to remember that you should keep good pressure in the area of the venipuncture, without massaging and without twisting the arm. Thus, you will avoid internal bleeding manifested through bruising.

  • How long should I keep the band-aid in the arm?
    For 20 minutes approximately, and you should avoid straining with that arm during the first hour. Please for the Band-Aid disposal use an appropriate container.
  • What should I do if bruising occurs?
    Firstly, cold helps vasoconstriction. But you should only apply it for 10 minutes per hour, for 3 or 4 hours. Then, for the following hours, heat could help to dissipate the clots developed in the punched area. if you have a concern you can visit our laboratory and ask one of the professionals from our staff.
Urine Sample
  • ¿Cuánto tiempo puedo guardar la orina en la heladera?
    Orina de 24 hs: Conservar en la heladera hasta terminar su recolección y remitir ese mismo día. Orina completa: Remitir la muestra al Laboratorio en el término de 3 hs de recogida.
  • Descarté el primer chorro de la orina y después junté el resto para orina completa, ¿Sirve igual?
  • ¿Tengo que juntar toda la orina de la mañana?
    No; un poco de orina es un volumen suficiente para realizar el estudio.
  • Do I have to collect the whole volume for 24 hour-urine test?
    Yes, it is critical urine is a parameter involved in the calculation, therefore This information should be accurate, since the results could be affected.
  • 24 hour-urine test: For a 24-hour urine collection, the collection process generally begins first thing in the morning by discarding the first morning void and then collecting all of the urine for the remaining 24-hour period. The sample must be refrigerated during this period, and send it to the laboratory in the same day before 12 am.
  • Urinalysis: Is the time of day a factor when collecting a urine sample?
    Time of collection is usually not important, although a first morning void may be preferred because it is more concentrated. However, if your healthcare provider is looking for a specific finding, you may be asked to collect a sample at a specific time.We recommend to bring the urine sample the same day of your appointment for blood drawing.The first urine stream should be discarded and then collected the rest of the sample for urinalysisYou do not need to collect the whole volume. 100 mL is more than enough for the purpose.
  • Can I get the test results in any location of D’Agostino-Bruno laboratories?
    No, you should get them in the site where you left the prescription.
  • Can somebody else get my results?
    If you have authorized other people to get your test, you have to show the ticket that you were given in the collection room. Some test results have to be withdrawn only by the patient or the health care provider.